Security Information
1. Closed-circuit television system that allows the traceability of cargo.  The system consists of fixed cameras, automatic dome cameras and a 24-hour recording system which is stored both in the INFORMATION AND COORDINATION CENTRAL and remotely in a location outside the country.

2. Access Control System to the facilities through digital fingerprint with high-tech equipment consisting of biometric readers, vehicle barriers and turnstiles.

3. Both maritime and land surveillance system, with highly trained personnel to perform access control, intrusive and non-intrusive inspections.

4. Integrated communication system via VHF marine radio band, mobile telephones, internet, internal network and vessel detection system.

5. Prevention and firefighting system consisting of firefighting units with the capacity to extinguish fires with water (1000gls), PQS and Foam. 24-hour NFPA certified personnel and organized support teams, with an accesible network of portable extinguisher hydrants distributed in different areas.

6. Occupational medicine system consisting of professionals in preventive, family and occupational medicine. Personnel in the nursing field, laboratory and paramedics, equipment to evacuate to health facilities in equipped ambulances. 
7. System of verification and analysis of persons, transport units and incoming and outgoing goods to and from port facilities.

8. Port security program in charge of both intrusive and non-intrusive cargo inspections by specialized personnel with high-tech equipment.

9. Management Control and Security system to ensure the cargo supply chain.

10. Occupational Safety and Health System Management, to prevent risks at work .
   Parts of our Security

Closed-circuit television, consisting of 9 cameras in the administrative building and 12 in the port area, of which 6 have zoom and a 360° rotation.


Arch Magnetic Detectors.


Vehicle inspection mirrors.


Biometric systems to control entrance of people. 


Turnstiles to control pedestrian access.

Metal detectors.

Maritime surveillance motorboat.


System to control the entrance of people and vehicles through proximity chip.


Vehicle and various equipment (Pick-ups, motorcycles, bicycles, base and portable radios, digital camera, flashlight).

   Industrial Safety

Fire engine equipped with a centrifugal water pump type Mid Ship 250 GPM, 150 PSI; 1,000-gallon capacity water tank, ATM foam system (100 gallons); manual robot with a 1,200-pound hydrogen deposit for the dry chemical powder system (500 pounds) purple K; foam and water manual dispensers, 5 water outlets and 4 water inlets.


Fire engine equipped with 1,000-gallon water tank; 1 300-PSI water cannon; 5 water outlets and 4 water inlets.


20 and 30-pound chemical powder extinguishers; and 200 and 300-pound robots.


Ambulances with 2,000-pound oxygen cylinder each one; spinal splint and oximeter; electronic blood pressure monitor, jaws of life, gurneys and first-aid kits. 

Fire detection system.
Hydrants network.
.Personal protection equipment

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