The following certifications and acknowledgements are a result of the joint effort of the team of workers of our Company and the collaboration of importers, exporters, shipping agencies, stevedoring agencies and private operators. Their active participation contributes to the development of the port and consolidates its leadership in the region.  This is the reason why we encourage the new members of our Company to attempt to maintain the actual certifications and acknowledgements. 

Port staff members and hired personnel, especially from the Management levels, Directors and Headquarters; as well as, personnel from the vessels, shipping and stevedoring agencies, service providers, contractors, users and visitors of the port, have a responsibility to implement and enforce the regulations and procedures of the aforementioned Management Systems, consequently carrying out reliable activities and operations, in order to reduce or eliminate the possibility of undesirable events..

If further information or documentation of the Management System in Puerto Quetzal is required, please request it at the Integrated Security Management, inside Port Premises extension 323 or to the e-mail address

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