Final Provisions

ARTICLE 6. Other Benefits
General Management may reduce ten percent (10%) of the tariff amount for port services that correspond to the Company, after obtaining favorable opinion from the technical commission formed in each case and setting any of the following conditions:

I. Non Container Cargo
a) Being new cargo in Puerto Quetzal;
b) Annual increase of twenty-five percent (25%) of cargo volume managed annually by the interested party;

II. Container Cargo
a) In transfer or transit modality;
b) Domestic cargo handled in the yards of Empresa Portuaria Quetzal (Quetzal Port Company) in indirect manner.
The benefits referred to in this article will be granted for periods no longer than one year and will not be applicable to those products already with incentives in Puerto Quetzal.

ARTICLE 7. Damages and Destruction:

Every time that port services are required and not performed due to reasons beyond those participating directly in said services, fifty percent (50%) of the corresponding service value will be charged.

ARTICLE 8. Scope of Application:

Nonpayment of port services within the term set in the Regulations, will cause a daily surcharge of one per thousand (1°%).

ARTICLE 9. Damages and Destruction

Those responsible for damages to property of Puerto Quetzal, will have to repair or reposition according to Regulations, without perjury of civil or criminal responsibilities derived from third parties.

ARTICLE 10. Scope of Application

Every service rendered by EMPRESA PORTUARIA QUETZAL (Quetzal Port Company), is subjected to its laws, tariffs and regulations; therefore, users of said services will also be subjected to them.  Unforeseen cases will be resolved by the Board of Directors of EMPRESA PORTUARIA QUETZAL (Quetzal Port Company).


ARTICLE 11. Regulations
Within fifteen (15) days after the publication of this Agreement, the Board of Directors of EMPRESA PORTUARIA QUETZAL (Quetzal Port Company), must issue the Regulations for the current tariff and make it public.

ARTICLE 12. Provisional Agreements

The companies that have contracts authorizing port services with different values than those set by this Agreement, will continue to have the same benefits; said benefits  cannot exceed five (5) years. When the term ends, the tariff set in this Governmental Agreement will apply.

ARTICLE 13. Validity
The present Agreement will come into effect eight (8) days after its publication in the Diario de Centro América (Official Newspaper).

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