On May 04, 2007, Empresa Portuaria Quetzal (Quetzal Port Company) implemented the BASC control and security system in accordance with the requirements of World BASC Organization.  Trade protection and prevention measures from our facilites to the destination improved with the standarization of port operations procedures. 

This allows us to encourage a culture of safety and security for international trade, to set and administer the management and security control system of the supply chain, to promote strategic alliances, to inspire trust amongst companies; thus strengthening cooperation between the Government and the private sector. 

The provision of applicable safety procedures to control import and export cargo prevents its contamination and allows its traceability.

This system prompts a clear awareness in terms of control and secure operations for foreign trade - both in the Company as in users in general - to protect themselves against contamination from the goods and services, to prevent said activities to be used as vehicles to smuggle illicit goods such as narcotics, controlled chemical substances, handling goods used for money laundering, weapons, munitions and armaments in general.

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