5. Mission and Objectives of the Institution
Mission and objectives of Empresa Portuaria Quetzal (Quetzal Port Company), annual operations plan  and the result of its compliance.

We are a company that provides international maritime trade through specialized port services that satisfy the needs of our customers, in order to contribute to the regional economic development.
2011, year of customer service.

By the year 2015, to position the port as a leading port in the Central American region and south of Mexico, with specialized terminals for all types of cargo, adapted to the demands of the international maritime transportation.
2011, year of customer service.

• Provide safe quality services, observing environmental regulations 
• Expand operations according to cargo volume increase  
• Contribute with the country's foreign trade, and become a competitive alternative in the region 
Encourage new investment on port activities
• Encourage the creation of new jobs 

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